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"No Blade Brows" ® - $550 

This is my own custom technique using a special combination of machine hairstrokes simulating a natural brow that will slowly fade to a softer look over time. "No Blade Brows"® allow colors to be adjusted as needed over time with a focus on creating a

custom look for each client. 



"Boomer Brows"™ - $550

I specialize in eyebrow tattooing for more mature women. Just because you are older and wiser does not mean you can't

always look your best! More mature skin has special challenges that need special attention. 16 years of experience helps me specialize in options...choosing the best technique unique to meet many different skin types. We will work together using my Boomer Brow technique to find just the right color, style and technique that fits you and helps make your life easier!

New Eyeliner Top and Bottom - $550

Eyeliner saves so much time! Won't wash off and helps your eyes look bolder or subtle depending on color and shape choices. 

We will find the 

perfect eyeliner that works just for you.


do heavily winged, trendy eyeliners!

New Eyeliner Top Only - $325

Top eyeliner gives your eyes a little "lift! It's great for making lashes look fuller or when you still want to be able to have a fresh "no makeup" look on the lower lids! Paired with brows top liner is like a little face lift!

New Eyeliner Bottom Only - $325

Lower eyeliner can add definition with sparse or no lashes. Some ladies have only worn lower liner. This procedure is not favorable if you have drooping lower lids as it can make the problem more defined.

Eyebrow Refresh - $275

Everyone will need an eyebrow refresh over time, All colors fade and sometimes shift from use of skin care products or too much sun! I recommend every 2-3 years for most clients. The darker the color the longer they last in most cases.

Eyeliner Upper & Lower Refresh $275

Eyeliner needs to be refreshed every few years. black liner lasts the longest but sometimes people just lose color. Brown liners fade fast as well as taupe or anything light. Even though black lasts the longest it isn't right for everyone!

This is a popular service to make eyeliner thicker for those who were conservative.


Upper OR Lower Liner Only 

refresh $160

This is a refresh for those who have only had their top or bottom liner done, or who want just top or bottom made darker, thicker etc...

Pigment Lightening/Removal 

 $200 & Up

I use a saline based removal solution called 

Li-FT® to soften, lighten and sometimes remove old pigment. This is great for brows that are to dark, have changed color, laser removal has not worked or just had poor work done. You ALWAYS need a consultation before ANY removal work.

All procedures above include ONE follow up visit for only

$60 tray set up fee within 120 days.

Any touch ups after that time will be subject to full refresh fee.

If all color is gone from your previous permanent makeup or needs extreme correcting you will be charged full price whether it was me or someone else who did your previous work.

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