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These brows were applied too thin and with a pigment color that will "blue" out over time. Reshaping and using two different colors of deep brown help add dimension and substance!

I love doing correctional work on permanent makeup.

No matter the circumstances, there may be

a solution that can help your makeup look better.

I see this situation a lot with pink or peach eyebrows. This can happen from sun, anti aging skin care products or pigments that were mixed from multiple colors or "ink" based colors. This brow was also reshaped to match more and provide a more balanced look.

The brow photo to your right is a woman who used anti aging products containing Retin-A, although this is great for wrinkles, because of it's ability to penetrate to the dermal layer of y​our skin, it will change the color of your brow, and shorten the lifespan of your color. It is best to keep ANY anti-aging skin care away from permanent makeup.

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