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Helpful Hints:

Permanent Makeup is a tattoo!

Tattoos produce a scab or crust over the top, just like if you cut yourself. This scab, even though it is thin and may not seem like much, is the only thing keeping the color in your skin. It makes your permanent makeup look thicker and darker than what it will look like when the scab naturally comes off. If you think your makeup is too dark or thick and you “pick” the crust…this will make uneven color, it could also cause infections as you are reopening the skin to elements outside the body. For the best results give your body a chance to heal your makeup. If you leave it alone it will actually heal faster. This is what your body is designed to do. Adding too much cream or lotions not provided or recommended by your artist may make your procedure take longer to heal.

Skincare products!

Boy this is a tough one to make women understand but MOST products, even some of the ones for sensitive skin, have anti-aging ingredients in them. Please avoid these products around your procedure area a few days before and after your procedure. Wash your tattooed areas with a mild soap or cream like Cetaphil or baby shampoo, even clear water is fine because you won’t be using makeup over the area. Avoid creams and lotions for at least 7 days after your procedure. You can use them on other areas of your face but NOT over your tattooed areas. They can be very irritating to freshly tattooed skin.

"Nothing makes the color of eyebrows change more than sunlight and anti-aging skin care.

These skin care products are developed to work inside your skin to the dermal layer where they do their magic…this is also where your permanent makeup lives after healing, so what these products do to your color is NOT so magic! It can bleach out the pigment and change the color quickly! So avoid these creams around the edges of your brows; it might take a little longer to apply, but you will be glad when your eyebrows are still a nice natural color and not a peach/apricot or bluish color!"

Eyelash growing serums!

Latisse or over the counter eyelash growing products WILL make your eyelash line more sensitive during your eyeliner procedure. Discontinue use for a minimum of 30 days prior to/and after your eyeliner. Some people still have sensitivity, bruising and a hard time numbing even 6-12 months after stopping Latisse.


Let’s avoid hot yoga and intense exercise immediately before procedure and for a few days after. When you perspire heavily it will wet the scab and you will be more likely to rub the area which will in turn make the scab come off. It will "sweat" the color out of your skin and dilute it...Which will likely ruin or diminish the color result. Intense exercise before and after can also increase your heart rate, blood flow and body temperature making it difficult for numbing creams to work during your procedure.

Tenderness and swelling!

After your permanent makeup procedure most people have discomfort for approximately 45 minutes which is a little intense. Not everyone feels this but it is likely. It will soon diminish and feel like a hard sunburn. Most people after eyeliner procedures have redness and swelling for a few days after their procedure. Every person reacts differently, I have seen people with very little swelling and I have seen women puff up like a water blister. I wish I could predict how you will react but it is impossible. Swelling and redness around an abraded area is your body’s way of healing. Your body sends fluids to the area as it rebuilds itself. This is a temporary situation and to be expected. Be happy if you have a little swelling, it means your body is doing what it should. Eyebrows may be tender and a little red around the edges but not as puffy as eyeliner because the skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive.

Cool compresses! Eyeliner only!!! Do not put cold compresses over brows...

Cool compresses may help but please don’t overdo it. Imagine holding a pack of frozen peas on your eyes without being tattooed, I suspect it would be uncomfortable and irritating…so why do it after you are tattooed? Just cool water is all that is needed. It will help soothe the area but it will NOT prevent swelling, as I said before that is your body’s healing in motion. Do not use cool compresses over want them to stay dry!

Dryness and itching...

After a couple of days, as the swelling and discomfort subside your skin may begin to itch as the tattooed area is healing and the skin dries out over your crust. Remember you WANT the scab to stay on as long as possible because this helps you retain color. Every procedure is different so follow your specific instructions I give you!!


Keeping the tattooed area clean is important. Splash the area with cool water or use clean hands to apply a mild cleanser and splash clean. DO NOT USE WASHCLOTHS! Again, this will easily remove the crust and ruin your permanent makeup. If after 7 days you still have crust over the area that has not flaked off but has no pain or discomfort then by all means wash your face normally, bits of the tattooed color may get caught in eyelashes or eyebrows as it comes loose from your skin and you will need to wash this out. If you have any tenderness in your brow or eyeliner area then wait until it is gone before washing thoroughly.

"When you clean the area around your permanent makeup please be careful not to wash off the scab. Doing so will not make it lighter faster. As much as you want to do it “your” way and not trust my instructions there are reasons why I ask you to avoid washcloths, chlorinated water, swimming in general and hot tubs."


DO NOT wear makeup over your tattooed area. This includes Mascara when you have eyeliner done, until completely healed. It is difficult to remove makeup without disturbing the crust. Makeup can also contaminate the area, which is an open wound until it heals…you do not want an infection, it will take even longer to heal! Oily makeup removers can remove your protective crust very easily. So please avoid.

Remember…When you look in the mirror after your makeup procedure it will seem like you have more makeup than you expected. The rest of the world may not think it looks nearly as dark and crazy as you do because they are used to seeing you with makeup on…(In most cases). And don’t listen to people when it is new and dark when they say (What have you done?) Most won’t even notice…they will just think you look great and ask you if you got your hair cut!!!!

Trust Me!

You are used to seeing yourself with no eyeliner or eyebrows when your face is clean. After your permanent makeup procedures this will become your new (No Makeup) look. For this reason many women come back wanting more…more…more…because they get used to it. Please trust my judgment when I tell you it is enough!!! You want your makeup to look natural and the colors to fade naturally. I understand I cannot make everyone happy. There are procedures I will not do, like lip color and thick “winged” eyeliner. Permanent makeup is meant to enhance your looks, but it is best done naturally so the colors can be adjusted and it looks good for years to come.

Trendy is NOT good with permanent makeup. What you want now may NOT be what you want in a few years, so keep it natural but strong enough to make a difference!

I hope these tips can help explain your aftercare instructions and help you prepare for your procedure. They are not designed to frighten you, or make you anxious, just to educate you and help you have a wonderful outcome!

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