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Hello, my name is Earleen Owens.

I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina 

during the mild spring through fall seasons. 

Winters I travel to Clearwater Florida as I  have begun "snowbirding"!

I have spent my life in the beauty industry, staring at women's faces has been a joy and a job! I have owned day spas and salons since I was 19 years old so you can just imagine how many women I have spent time with helping them feel better about themselves.



After working as a nail technician forever! LOL... painting just about anything on a fingernail; and with the suggestion of my clientele, I decided to go to school to learn permanent makeup. I was licensed and began my second career in 2003 and have never looked back! It's Been over 20 years now!

I have now brought in a beautiful young woman as my Protege'. I m excited to train Samantha over the next few years so that when I someday retire (Don't Freak Out) I will know I have trained an expert who I can trust to fill my shoes. Her business is Velvet Ink Studio and she is working and training in the office with me. We have a LOT of fun!

If I am busy, out of town? Give Samantha a try!!

I work very closely with many area medical doctors, plastic surgeons and beauty professionals. Referrals and word of mouth has always been my best advertisement but I think having a lot of information available through this website can help make your decision easier when it comes to choosing an artist that best fits you!

I LOVE doing Permanent Makeup. You will see this when you come in for your appointment. It is not just a job to me, it's my passion. I specialize in eyebrows and eyeliner at this time. I have trademarked two unique services Boomer Brows ® and No Blade Brows® ...I do not do lips, blush, eyeliner or crazy trendy makeup. I am currently working on advanced education classes for artists in my industry and excited to offer my many years of knowledge through online classes one day!

Needless to say what's best for you, both through appearance and health is important. 

I work with women and men from 18 years old and up. I have tattooed clients well into their 90's... if I see a health concern in your intake forms I will immediately address it to make sure you are a good candidate. If I feel you are too young and will not get the look you are wanting I will tell you the truth and give you suggestions. I don't suggest "impulse shopping" or "tattooing trendy". You have one face and a natural looking result is always best no matter what...

I specialize in correctional work, color removal and lightening as well as cosmetic tattooing new clients. Sometimes a combination of removal and color shifting can correct even the worst permanent makeup!

I am married to a wonderful man! He understands me, as he is a small business owner also !!! (,

he loves me and appreciates me and is very proud of the work I do. I couldn't be more blessed!

I have never met a stranger, I am quite a talker!... and I look forward to meeting new people every day.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Texting is a fabulous way to catch me so I can reach out when I have a free minute...828-255-5554. If your call goes to voicemail please don't hate me, I am very busy and I will return your call or text as soon as I can!

I am a snowbird, my office is closed from December through February each year as I relax in Florida.

Thank You for visiting my website, whatever decision you make about your permanent cosmetic choices, I will always do my best to satisfy your needs.

Have a blessed day!

~Earleen Owens

Asheville Permanent Makeup

is a division of

Owens Beauty LLC.

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