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I get calls regularly about having a consultation, Many artists in the industry require them in order to "weed out" clients they either do not want to work on or that might be difficult cases...

I find almost everyone is a great candidate for permanent makeup, as long as you have realistic expectations. It is not always necessary to have a consultation in person. I do not require it unless you are requesting scar camouflage or a very advanced service such as removal of color or correction of color. I cannot draw on a brow and show you what it will look like once it is healed because makeup is on top of your skin and permanent makeup is UNDER your skin... I will always draw on your brows before tattooing so we can agree on shape and style!

Let's try to keep things fairly simple; but there is a lot of interesting information so before you call me or text...take the time to read through this page as it will answer most of your questions. The following questions are the most frequently asked of me in a personal consultation and can help you make the best decision for you and your specific needs.


First... Hi , my name is Earleen Owens and I will be your permanent makeup artist! I am the owner of the business. I have been doing permanent makeup since 2003. Before that I was a nail technician and spa owner beginning at 18 years old when I started beauty college. I have been working closely with women my entire life and I hope this makes you feel more comfortable with can I help you today?

I am interested in permanent eyebrows and possibly eyeliner, I'm a little nervous but you come highly recommended.

Thanks, I really love what I do and if you were not a little nervous I would be surprised. It's a new experience for most people, you just don't know what to expect. I'll explain it all and hopefully you will be more comfortable going forward after we talk. This just might be the perfect service for you and most women love it, it makes their life easier and helps a lot of women save time and effort. My question for you is about your lifestyle...tell me about you! I can help you decide the best type of style and color depending on whether you are needing your brows or lashes restored from hair loss, just want to fill in thin brows, maybe you have complete hair loss or a medical condition...There are lots of reasons to need brows or eyeliner and a lot of women just "want" it!

What exactly is permanent makeup? I have looked online and it's so confusing...all the different types of makeup...I just don't know what's best for me!

Great question, that's what we are here for. Permanent makeup is tattooing areas of your face such as your eyebrows and eyeliner to help accentuate the look of hair or fullness of hair and either enhance or restore your look.

Everyone is different, from your coloring, skin type, ethnicity, lifestyle and health. Even though you may think one type of permanent makeup is what you want, that may not be what works best for you. I work with limited brands of pigments made especially for permanent makeup. Different tattooing techniques such as hair-stroke brows or powder brows may be used or a combination of both. With eyeliner I like to stay around the natural area of the lashes to make lashes appear fuller and bring out your eyes! 

How do I know what is the best eyebrow technique for me?

At the time of your appointment I will look closely at your skin to determine if you are a good candidate for hair-strokes in your brows. Smooth skin with very small pores and fine hair make the best canvas for distinct hairstrokes.I use a hair-stroke technique on 90 percent of my clients, I call my Trademarked eyebrow services "No Blade Brows"® or "Boomer Brows"®. Even if I think you will have a better outcome with a powder look it is still done with hair-strokes the majority of the time, this gives a more natural healed appearance. Large pores, oily skin, dark spots, dryness or thick skin make hair-strokes difficult to maintain. You can still have the procedure done but the hair-strokes will blend together under your skin and look powdery much sooner than stronger smooth skin. A lot of the pictures you see online are immediately after a procedure is done. The hair-strokes look crisp and perfect but you have to remember the canvas I am tattooing into is wet tissue. It's not like makeup you draw on top of your skin so each person heals and reacts differently. I can put exactly the same technique, style and color into 10 women and they will all heal a little different color, last a different amount of time and some will hold the hair-stroke look longer. This is the truth behind hair-stroke eyebrows, no matter what anyone tells you or what you see online...YOU are an individual that heals like no one else! I will help choose the best technique for YOU!

Can I get tattooed while I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

I do not tattoo women during this time. Although the risks are very minimal to the client or their baby it's a delicate time and I cannot take the liability that something would go wrong. It's best to just wait until after this time!

What about Microblading...I keep hearing about it.

Microblading is all the rage right now but with my many years of experience I believe my techniques with digital machines and special needles made specifically for brows work better in most cases. Not everyone is a good candidate for microblading. I have learned in my career that just because a technique is new and hot does not always mean it's better. My techniques may last longer in your skin and as you can see from my photos they give beautiful results. Just do your homework and check out all the artists you are interested in just like you are doing now with ME!

What about the shape of my eyebrows? Can I have anything I want? Will you help me decide what's best?

I have done thousands of brows over the years and will help you decide what's best. Most people have one eye that is a little higher and rounder than the other. The side that is lower and wider generally has a larger brow area and has more "canvas" to draw a brow on. The other side tends to be shorter and slopes back toward the hairline sooner. This is what makes it so hard to draw on brows that match. I freehand all my brows when I draw the template, This way the brows match your eyes which gives a more natural appearance. I can draw one slightly higher or lower, one a little longer which can help them appear more even. I am not a fan of stencils, rulers or templates although I may do mapping occasionally, I draw most brows freehand. Each face is different and unique and when I follow the guidelines I have mastered over the years it is easy to draw a brow that works for you. If you like certain looks and styles feel free to bring photos... When I design a style that is based on what you want and still works with your face shape then you end up with a balanced look. I will draw your brow template on after your skin is numbed and before the procedure is tattooed, I never just wing it...this is a collaboration between us both!

So if my brows are not even can you make them match?

I can make them BETTER! I can adjust shape and size to help them appear more even, think about this... If your eyebrows are REALLY different, one a lot higher than the other and I change one of them to match the other then you will have a large space between your eye lid and your brow on one side and not on the other, then you may look unbalanced for a whole different reason. If your brows have been uneven your whole life then making them match perfectly will completely change your look. We want you to still look like you, just better! It's the small changes that help, like working on the high side of one brow and the low side of the other brow to help adjust them. adding to the inside of one brow near your nose to add length to a shorter brow! So we've all heard you want your brows to be sisters, not twins and it's true, but you don't want distant cousins either. You want your brows to match your eyes and facial features and not just look like two stencils on your forehead.

I'm afraid my brows will be too dark...can you make them lighter? My hair usually isn't this dark...I just had it colored, or I have highlights in the summer...

Absolutely...actually I specialize in making brows appear as natural as possible. I would rather have to add color to them in a second session than make them too dark. Now this will be hard to believe immediately after the procedure because when you tattoo eyebrows  they look dark for about a week during the healing process. No matter who you are, or what color your brow tattoo, it is still going to be darker than you want during the healing process. I call this the "scary-darks". When you are used to seeing little or no brows in the mirror each morning it will seem unsettling! But seriously the rest of the world will compliment you every day..."Great Brows" or ask if you had a haircut, you look great! Husbands or significant others might be a little put off because they are used to you when you wake up and without additional makeup, so just reassure them that the brows will lighten when they heal and relax....the most common response I get from my clients is "Why didn't I do this 10 years ago?"

So how long does it take brows to heal?

Most people heal in about a week, sometime 10 days for large pores and ruddy skin, older clients, smokers and people on a lot of medication. For the duration of healing you will have a thin crust of color over your brows formed by dried pigment plus a clear sealant I add to help in the healing process. This is "Nature's Bandage" and the most important part of healing is NOT TOUCHING or peeling and keeping the area dry! I will give you detailed daily instructions but it is an easy heal with very little swelling or redness, just the scary-darks! When the crust comes off at the end of your healing time you will be so used to the darker brows you may think the tattooing is too light! The color then adjusts in your skin as it heals and you will know in 2-3 weeks if you need more color. It usually takes our mind about 3 days to get used to a different look so what is so scary in the beginning looks pretty normal in a week! But I promise they will look more natural over time... Steam and sweat are big no-nos... so if you are a hot yoga person or a heavy work out client then please tone down the sweating during your healing. It's not worth it to lose all your color!

What do I need to do before my appointment?

If you are having brows done then make sure to pluck any stray hairs or wax no sooner than 2 days before your appointment. You can color your brow hairs or have your stylist do it 2 days before your appointment. I also advise if you draw your brows on every day, then make them a little darker than usual to help prepare you for your new look. You can come to your appointment with your brows drawn on with your normal makeup if you like and I can see what you are used to. If you like a certain color pencil or powder feel free to bring it with you. I tend to use very neutral colors and what you are used to placing ON TOP of your skin will look a little different UNDER your skin. You may still want to add to your tattooed brows to make them more glamorous or bolder and this is fine after the healing process is complete. If you color your hair bright red, pink or purple I will not use those types of colors for your brows because it is not natural and will change too much under your skin under time. I never tattoo brows to match trendy hair colors, that is what traditional makeup is for! If having eyeliner done please do not wear waterproof mascara to your appointment, the less we need to rub to remove makeup the less sensitive your eyes will be. You may have your lashes tinted or curled no sooner than one week before your appointment. If you wear false lashes or have lashes applied by a professioanl please have them removed two weeks before your appointment for skin to settle and calm. You can NOT have eyeliner done with artifical lashes on.

At the end of this page there is a pre-procedure list to help you get ready for your appointment!

What does it feel like? Does it hurt?

OK...I wish I could tell you exactly what it will feel like but it's just like how the color heals, everyone is different! I have some women sleep and snore though brows and eyeliner and others who were nervous the whole time. Everyone's reaction to strange or unknown situations is different. It's not like traditional tattooing because I use numbing cream over the area. It won't hurt like you think it will.

I have exact numbing times for different procedures that I have perfected over the years that can help your procedure be very comfortable. Things to remember...Don't take pain medication before you come to try to keep it from hurting, it can just make it worse. If you take something to help you relax then bring a driver so you can get home safely. I have plenty of room and comfortable waiting area if you feel better having someone bring you, especially with eyeliner...I do my best to make you as comfortable as possible so I can do a great job. I will explain more to you at the time of your appointment while you are going through the process!

I want eyeliner done... Tell me about that!

It is a strange feeling! Like a crazy tickling sensation more than pain. The skin around your eyes actually numbs up very easily but unlike brows it has more nerves and actually has an eyeball under it so it can seem daunting! But I have done thousands of eyeliners with little to no pain. What is uncomfortable to one person is no big deal to the next. People who wear contact lenses are used to touching their eyes so to them it's no big deal in most cases.

You have muscles that open and close your eyes that are attached to the "fight or flight" area of your central nervous system...that's why a lot of us open our mouth when we apply helps steady that muscle and nerve. This can make the eye area seem like it is twitching or moving a lot during your eyeliner procedure when it really isn't...I will explain this to you in depth when you come in for your procedure. It is a very safe procedure...

I have never poked anyone in the eye and I am not going to start with you! I know you are thinking it so I just said it! 

I want a certain style of eyeliner. Can I have it tattooed?

That all depends, if you want a LOT of eyeliner or a trendy look I will likely meet you in the middle. I am more conservative than some makeup artists and I am not a fan of tattooing "trendy winged" eyeliner. I can show you examples of why if I really need to, but honestly just think about GRAVITY in your works, a wing at 30 will look like a droop at 40! Best to keep the color around your natural lash line. I will make it wider at the outer edge on top and take it out slightly but I will not do the dramatic stuff you see in some photos online. You can always text me pictures of what you usually draw and I will tell you what I am willing to do. Eyeliner is easy to add your own color to.

Same for brows...natural is best. 

Bring your eyeliner colors with you and we will find a good compromise. The most popular color is brown for almost everyone. But I can do very pale steel grey on women with white hair and porcelain skin...looks beautiful! Just like brows, it's what works for YOU!

I had someone else do my brows and I hate them,

can you fix it?

Each case is different and usually most tattooing can be adjusted. I do color removal and lightening and in some cases I have to refer cases to a laser tattoo specialist if I believe the color is too saturated and dark. My Li-FT removal sessions can take time and several sessions may be needed but in extreme cases it's better to take a lot of the old color out so new color can go in and heal correctly. Too much tattooing... too often... can saturate the skin making any color or shape adjusting impossible, These cases I evaluate individually and a consultation is necessary if you have a LOT of color in your skin or are in need of color shifting/correction.

In a lot of cases some color adjusting can be done at a new appointment to help neutralize an off colored brow.

How long will my makeup last?

That is the million dollar question! As I have said before, everyone is different. A good guide is the darker the color the longer it will last! Dark black eyeliner can look charcoal grey in 10 years or still look black. Most browns in brow colors will fade to blonde, charcoal to light grey. Light blonde colors can completely disappear in a few years. Touch ups will always be needed and I suggest timing every 2-3 years on brows and light eyeliner and 4-5 years for dark eyeliner. This is just a guide and each individual is different! You need to let your permanent makeup fade and soften in order to not over saturate the skin. Once this is done it's impossible to add color, adjust color or correct because the skin is FULL!!!

I get asked all the time about adding hairstrokes to previously tattooed brows. This can only be done if the color has faded sufficiently. You can't make a dark brown hair stroke show up on a solid dark brown brow...

You also cannot tattoo blonde colored pigment into blonde colored skin and make a brow show up. There has to be contrast...

Your biggest enemy with eyebrows is sunshine and anti-aging skin care products. Please keep your skin care products away from your brows, they can change the color or lighten to a different color. If you are in the sun daily, play tennis or golf or are a sun lover then be sure to use sunscreen. I'll explain this further when you come in!

Here are a few tips and No No’s! to remember before your procedure:

No alcohol or *blood thinning medications/ supplements 48 hours before your appointment.

*Avoid Aspirin, NSAIDS, Vitamin E, Co Q-10, Fish Oil, Turmeric, Ginko.

Tylenol is fine!


Please do not wear waterproof makeup of any type in to your appointment, easily removed makeup may be worn. Removing difficult makeup directly before your appointment may cause irritation to your cornea and cause dilation of your pupils and unnecessary irritation to your skin.

You cannot have eyelash extensions on during eyeliner procedure, Please remove them 2 weeks before your appointment. You can have them reapplied  2 weeks after your final touch-up session is done. Glues from false eyelashes make skin ultra sensitive and hard to numb!

Please do not come in with artificial lash extensions on or your eyeliner procedure cannot be done.

I do NOT tattoo heavily winged or trendy makeup eyeliner, permanent eyeliner is meant to be tattooed near the natural lash line only.

If you use eyelash growing serums like Latisse or RapidLashe please discontinue use for at least 6 weeks prior to your procedure. These products cause bleeding, swelling and bruising.

After your procedure, your eyes will be sensitive and may feel a burning sensation for 20-40 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable driving please bring someone along to drive for you.

For one week after your procedure NO MASCARA, NO CONTACT LENSES, NO SUNBATHING, NO SWIMMING, NO EXCESSIVE EXERCISE. If you cannot adhere to these rules please cancel and reschedule in advance to a time that fits better with your social commitments.

Please continue using any medications such as drops for dry eye during your healing.


You may wear eyebrow pencil or powder to your appointment, removing it will not affect procedure area.

Make sure to color, wax, thread or pluck your eyebrows at least 48 hours before your appointment.

Please no swimming, sunbathing, or excessive exercise while healing for one week.

Your brows will be approximately 30% to 50% darker than the healed result for one week. You MAY NOT cover them in any way with makeup to make them lighter. Please plan your social schedule accordingly.

I do not tattoo brows outside the natural brow area, as in above the brow bone to give an unnatural arch appearance.

I tend to be conservative in my approach to permanent makeup, it is not meant to take the place of dramatic magazine or movie star makeup, please keep this in mind when booking your appointment.

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