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My Story

I am a long time client of Earleen Owens and Asheville Permanent Makeup. When Earleen asked me if I would be interested in learning permanent makeup, working with her, learning everything she knows I was absolutely interested. So in 2023 I created Velvet Ink Studio LLC, and have not looked back. I am a hard worker, doing 3 different jobs right now, but permanent makeup is my future, My DREAM, to have my own business and know someone believes in me enough to KNOW I can take over and trust her clients to me one day. I am willing to put in the work, dedicate myself and look forward to continuing education and meeting other artists.


I was trained by an SPCP certified trainer and am apprenticing under Earleen to learn everything she can teach me with her 20+ years of experience. It's exciting to know this will be ME someday.


I am also a photographer, I love nature, traveling, my little farm with 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 goats, a horse and 2 pigs!! They keep me busy but I would have it no other way. My best friend, my love of many years James is my number one fan and is helping me in this new adventure every way he can. He travels a lot with work, is a musician and in an amazing band! We just lead a wild and fun filled life.

See our Big Fun Family!!! There's a LOT OF LOVE in our home.!



  • I am currently providing eyebrow tattooing for new clients, returning clients or corrections for clients who are unhappy with previous services. I do Machine hairstrokes for a softer to dramatic look, whatever is best for YOU.

  • I also am doing eyeliner enhancements and am training to do bolder thicker eyeliner in the future.

  • I am very excited to be learning areola tattooing for breast cancer reconstruction patients in the future. This is an advanced service and I want to get as much training as possible before providing this service. This a dream and a passion of mine. I can't wait to help women feel better, more like themselves after such a difficult journey!


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