Asheville Permanent Makeup

Areola Restoration Tattooing

Local Patients Only

At Asheville Permanent Makeup I strive to make your appointment time pleasant, private and as comfortable as possible. I have 16 years experience working with breast cancer patients and have tattooed over a thousand women from all over the world. I have a special passion for cancer patients. I lost my mother to Lymphoma when I was 17 years old. I was her caregiver for many years and I know she sees me through each procedure and has guided my heart and my hands even though she is not with me. I dedicate each and every areola tattooing session to her memory. Helping women through the last step of their reconstruction reminds me how blessed I was to have her as my mother. She taught me to be a strong independent woman and I try to make her proud through my work!

If you are an Asheville area patient referred by one of the physicians below please call to book appointments.

You will not be able to book through my online system.

I accept MY past and current patients from:

Dr. Eric Halverson

Dr Donald Conway

Dr Brenda Draper

Dr Collette Stern

Dr James McDonough

Areola Tattooing Fees

Unilateral $150

Bilateral $300

I do not file insurance for any patients but I will be happy to give you a receipt that you can use to encourage your insurance company to reimburse you but it will be your responsibility to pay for services when rendered.


"Due to 17 years of past patients to keep up with I am no longer

doing areola work for out

of town patients."

There is a list below of artists that I trust and feel comfortable referring to.

When I began doing areola work there were very few artists in this specialty but now due to demand from doctors and patients there are many more artists providing this service.

Please do some internet research and

find a wonderful artist in your area to help.