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Eyebrows frame the face; nothing sets off your look more than brows.

They can be done several different ways. A soft powdery look can be done with a "wash" of color. More defined hair strokes can be done to fill in missing hairs or give a more structured look to the brow.

Or a combination of powder and hair strokes can be layered to give a very natural effect. Everyone's brows are different.

There are very light colors to do soft brows as well as every color of blonde, brown, taupe, brown

black, charcoal or any mixture whatsoever.

This technique has a shorter lifespan than solid powdered brows and will need more frequent follow up visits, lighter colors fade faster...

You make the choice that is right for you! I will help guide you to the proper eyebrow tattooing that will work for your age, skin type, hair type and coloring...This technique may not work for everyone but is a great choice for most individuals!

Each client gets a custom look done just for them!

Beautiful healed brows in a neutral blonde color.


Beautiful healed brows in a neutral blonde color.

Nice restoration of overplucked brows!

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