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Not all brows are "microbladed"...Most people do not know there is a difference between microblading and machine hairstrokes, but there are many different techniques of permanent makeup for brows!

No Blade Brows® is my custom technique using a special combination of digital machine hair strokes and powdering to simulate a natural brow that will slowly fade to a softer look over time. It has more longevity than microblading with light colors and less "bluing" with dark colors. 

This allows color to be adjusted as needed with a focus on creating a custom look for each client. There is no "cutting" or "slicing" of the skin with my technique.

No two clients are the same and your brow should be designed for your face, not a stencil, not a picture you find on social media... "No Blade Brows"™

a brow that fits YOU!


Although I tattoo all ages of women, I love working with older clients ...Hey I'm a baby boomer myself so I can help with the special challenges of older more mature skin with my 

"Boomer Brows"® technique!



Permanent Eyebrows


All Photos of Permanent Makeup on this website are property of Owens Beauty LLC


I am a fully licensed and certified permanent makeup artist.


My office is a licensed tattoo establishment with the

Haywood County NC Dept of Environmental Health and is inspected yearly.

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