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Asheville Permanent Makeup has been in business over 21 years. Owner and Artist Earleen Owens offers permanent makeup eyebrow and eyeliner procedures.

By limiting my services I have refined excellent techniques over the years for the finest results.

This is about YOU! 

I use digital, state of the art machines and specialty needles. This allows me to use more than one machine if I choose, multiple needles, and custom pigments as necessary to give YOU the client the best brow for your needs.

I have decided to use only 

LI Pigments in my services. I have been using this brand my entire career. They offer several different types of pigment formulas, are considered one of the safest pigments on the market, and I have had outstanding results. YOU can feel safe and in the best hands at Asheville Permanent Makeup.


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I Love working with women and men of all ages. The legal age is 18 years for tattooing in NC. I have worked with women from early 20,s into their 90's.

I offer two two trademarked techniques,

No Blade Brows™ and Boomer Brows™

No Blade Brows is hairstroke eyebrows similar to microblading with multiple custom techniques that can be used in "combo brows" with hairstrokes and powder or full powder brows can be done with a hairstroke technique as well.

Boomer Brows is a technique used taking the age, coloring, skin type into account differently for older mature women. It is normally a softer technique but can be done with any color combination! 


Licensed, Certified, Inspected.

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