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The Best Brows Make The Best Days!

My Tattooing Techiques



My studio offers no eyebrow microblading services, we do not do pixelated brows or light to dark ombre' brows. Sure, all these trendy procedures you see online look beautiful but come with their own set of problems. The pigments needed to achieve these looks can contain chemicals that I feel unsafe to be implanted under facial skin. We provide eyebrow services using machines hairstrokes, shading, solid soft brows or a combination of hairstrokes and powder. This allows color to be adjusted as needed with a focus on creating a  truly custom look for each client. There is no "cutting" or "slicing" of the skin with my techniques.



No two clients are the same and your brow should be designed for your face, not a stencil, not a picture you find on social media...

"No Blade Brows"™

a brow that fits YOU!


Although I tattoo all ages of women, I do love working with older clients, many technicians see older skin as too much of a challenge, but true artists like myself develop techniques that work with all skin. ...Hey I'm a baby boomer myself so I can help with the special challenges of older more mature skin with my 

"Boomer Brows"® technique!


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