Makeup - Work Hours / Schedule
Asheville Permanent Makeup Clinic - "Beauty For Every Woman"

 Please visit our scheduling page to book your own 
appointment 24 hours a day!

My office schedules much like a medical office. I book several weeks in advance in most cases so please be patient. I am not a traditional tattoo parlor. I do not work late nights.
My usual days off are  Sunday and Monday.

I suggest booking far in advance if necessary and then I can add you to the wait list if you wish.

I have opened a second location in 
Clearwater Florida. 
December through March I work 4 weeks in Clearwater, then 2 weeks in Asheville. Staring April 1st the rotation flips and I work 4 weeks in Asheville the 2 week in Florida.

If you cannot find a time or date please email me, text me or call 828-255-5554 and leave a message 
and I will get back to you about 
a possible add to cancellation list!

Just look on the Schedule Now page and it will pull up my schedule...

You may book your appointment online here, call the office, or email at the information below.

Hours may vary but will generally be:

Tuesday - Friday 
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 
Saturday 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Schedule may change due to travel and inclement weather issues.
For appointments please visit our Schedule Online page, call 828-255-5554, or email