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Too young for permanent eyebrows?

First and foremost I do NOT do microblading, 
anytime for anyone. If you want microblading, ombre brows or any other "trendy" style" then I am not the artist for you. Permanent makeup is a serious procedure that changes your skin, it's should never be a trend.

Lately I have had a large amount of young girls coming into the office wanting micro-bladed or hair-stroke brows. This is due to the massive amount of online attention given to hair-stroke micro-bladed eyebrows. Most of these services are targeted and marketed to girls in their 20's who want "movie star" brows!! They want perfection. A lot of young girls have over plucked their brows until most of the shape is gone, they still have brows, but not he perfection that the latest trend of large full brows is showing them.

When it comes to tattooing your face under 25 years old, even under 30, for purely fashion and trendy purposes... I just think it is a BAD idea. When you are young you are still  finding your style, we tend to go more with trends and change up our look a  lot. Rarely at 23 years old do you like the same thing you liked at 18 and so on...

The important thing to remember about permanent makeup is that it is an ongoing procedure, not a one time thing. You will need touch-ups every 18 months to 3 years to keep brows looking good. Every time you tattoo your skin, no matter what the process is or who does it some of that pigment molecule will forever be in your skin, some of it will fade away and the color will lighten but just imagine after 10 or 15 years of touch-ups what that brow will look like when you start at 20 something years old.

Once you have that grey undertone of old brow tattooing that is so common after too many touch ups, it is not an easy or inexpensive fix. I have ladies currently that I have referred getting laser tattoo removal done on their permanent makeup spending 4-8 thousand dollars to remove years of bad makeup or newly applied saturated bad makeup!! i refuse to touch them...I'm an artist not a miracle worker!

Hair-strokes do not STAY hair-strokes...Even the smallest hair-strokes are going to spread out and blend together under the skin over time. That "perfect" little hair-stroke you see in the beginning will look more like a powder brow over time, it's just how skin heals and pigment or ink reacts. No matter who does it, no matter their experience it is just the truth...

So my ethical dilemma leads me to have a hard and fast rule that I DO NOT tattoo anyone under 25 years old unless they have a serious medical condition such as Alopecia which is an autoimmune disorder that makes your hair completely disappear from your body...or nervous disorders which cause hair loss from pulling continuously such as Trichotillomania. I make exceptions in these cases on a one to one basis. Below is an example of a soft brow that I am willing to do on young women...I will not do large full eyebrows in dark colors when you are 20 years old! If you are willing to stay natural then it's something I will consider.

I have girls leave my office in tears, call me names, text me nasty messages and just get so upset because I refuse to tattoo them at 21 years old. This is ok...most girls appreciate and understand once I explain the long term effect of what permanent makeup means and not just the immediate gratification. 

So if you are young and want tattooed eyebrows then I may not be the right artist for you...

Ombre eyebrows that you see online fade really poorly in the long run. You cannot replicate a Pinterest makeup look with permanent makeup. That's not what permanent makeup is for no matter how many cool pictures you may see online or in you tube videos.

I am not being unfeeling or condescending it's just the truth.

Try some of the amazing products on the market to draw on brows and when the time is right I will be happy to help you.

Seriously I care...I want what is best for you not just now...
but in the future! It's your face, it's not going away!