Makeup - Areola/Nipple Tattoos
Asheville Permanent Makeup Clinic - "Beauty For Every Woman"

Due to working in two different states and an overwhelming schedule I am no longer doing new areola pigmentation clients.

 I will be focusing on women in my community that have previously been tattooed by me and need refresh work. After 15 years I have hundreds of patients that may need follow up work and it's impossible to continue to add new patients at this time.

If you are an Asheville area patient previously done by me and referred by one of the physicians below please call to book appointments. You will not be able to book through my online system.

 I accept my past patients from 
Dr Donald Conway
Dr Brenda Draper
Dr Collette Stern
Dr James McDonough
Dr William Young (retired)
Dr David Humphries (deceased)

Refresh Fees...
Unilateral $50
Bilateral $100


There is a list below of artists from around the country who provide this service. When I began doing areola work there were very few artists in this specialty but now due to demand from doctors and patients there are many more artists providing this service. Please do some internet research and find a wonderful artist in your area to help. 

 I will add artists to this page as I can for your help finding someone to address your needs.


Eight II Eight Tattoo  Etowah NC