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Hello, my name is Earleen Owens. I have over 37 years of experience in the beauty industry as a Nail Technician, Salon Owner and Now Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Owner of Asheville Permanent Makeup.

 I was licensed in 2003 as a Permanent Makeup Artist.

My vast experience as a nail technician, salon and spa owner, and beauty consultant have given me the experience needed to be a successful permanent makeup artist. I work very closely with many area medical doctors, plastic surgeons and beauty professionals.
 I LOVE doing Permanent Makeup. You will see this when you come in for your appointment. It is not just a job to me.

The more traditional Permanent Makeup procedures include Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement, Complete Eyebrow procedures for hair loss as well as Enhancements to correct shape and make brows more prominent. Missing hair from scars can also be simulated.
I must say I love doing Eyebrows, 
I am often referred to as
"The Brow Whisperer". I find it easy to look at a client and tell the exact type of brow that would work well for them.

I feel that helping women, and men too, feel better and look
better is my true calling, whether it be for glamour reasons or
medical or emotional, I believe permanent cosmetic tattooing can truly change the way someone feels about oneself. It gives back
 what time, or illness has taken away.

I am married to a wonderful man! He understands me, as he is a small business owner also !!! (, 
he loves me and appreciates me and is very proud of the work I do. I couldn't be more blessed!

 I find the reconstructive aspect of permanent makeup very rewarding. Whether it is helping a cancer survivor feel whole again, helping a sight impaired person look their best, working with handicapped people who are unable to apply cosmetics, or helping a burn survivor to make scars less noticeable. There are many aspects to permanent cosmetics.
 I have never met a stranger, I am quite a talker...! and I look forward to meeting new people every day.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have!
Thank You for visiting my website, whatever decision you make about your permanent cosmetic choices, I will always do my best to satisfy your needs.

Have a blessed day!
   ~Earleen Owens
    Owens Beauty LLC

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Machines and needles used in your procedures may
 vary depending on service, skin type and depth.