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Stunning before and after!

Love this brow!!!

Lovely Brow refresh/correction!!! Beautiful.

Beautiful fill in and shaping on over plucked brow!

Very nice full natural look brow...

Naturally rounded brow, no too arched, very nice!

Fun way to show before and after brow and eyeliner!

Beautifully Healed brow and eyeliner.

Very natural taupe eyelash enhancement and powder brow.

Soft brown shadow above dark eyeliner - not long lasting!

Very thick upper eyelash enhancement - lots of lashes!

Dark but natural eyeliner!

Enhancing natural features with added color! Very nice...

Color correction on old faded makeup from another artist.

My idea of perfect permanent makeup, 
thicker top liner and softly arched brows!

Lovely soft taupe - dark blonde brow.

Gradual color correction, multiple sessions.

Stunning top eyeliner and brow.

Another beautiful top eyeliner and brow...